garage_door_opener_1Chain driven garage door openers are the oldest but still very common for homeowners to use. They use a trolley system to lift the door. They have a chain that runs on a rail and is attached to an electric motor and trolley.


This is what lifts and lowers the garage door. There are other openers that use the trolley system like screw drive and belt drive openers, but the chain drive is much different from these two openers. From things like cost, availability, and even the amount of noise it makes.

These are things you need to know when trying to find a good door opener for your garage and save money at the same time.


Chain driven openers are much cheaper than the belt and screw drive openers. They also are still very reliable and one of the best openers you can have for your garage. One of the downsides of having a chain opener is the amount of noise it makes.


They tend to be very noisy at times and aren’t very good to have inside of a garage near rooms where you expect quietness. However some of today’s newer models of the Chain opener can be significantly less noisy than the much older ones.


Since the chain drive opener can operate the same as a pulley system, it can be operated manually even during the time of a power outage. The metal on the chain opener is also very strong and good for lifting heavier garage doors.


Periodic Inspections of the chain opener is good to do, but you don’t have to worry about to much maintenance with the opener. Chain openers tend to last long and need very little maintenance to keep in good shape.

These type of openers are also the easiest to install in your garage for anyone who likes to fix things on their own.