Garage Door Repair Pasadena CA Upgrading your garage door does not have to be a lengthy, expensive process. Garage doors have a huge impact on the way people see our homes. It is important to be proud of a space like your garage, especially if you spend a lot of time in there. Here are some cost and time efficient ways to upgrade your garage door:

Epoxy Floors

When trying to improve your garage space, start from the ground up! Floors are as good a place as any to start with. It is time to stray away from those old concrete, oil-stained floor and opt for something more modern and practical! Adding an epoxy finish can make a world of difference in your garage! The flooring itself is very easy to clean. This can be essential if you have small children who like to play in your garage. You can even do yoga or dance! Be sure to either have it installed professionally, or, if you install it yourself, make sure you follow the proper instructions regarding relative humidity levels regarding the subfloors (rH).

Extra Ceiling Storage

Majority of us use our garages to store things. From family heirlooms, tools, old dance recital outfits or Halloween lights – they all live in the garage. Sometimes things can become cluttered, however, causing our garage doors to look unkempt. If this is the case, try installing storage up high in the ceilings. A DIY project like this will only run you about $100 plus some free time. Be sure you allow enough space for your garage door to open and close safely when doing this project.

Open Your Garage Door With Your Smartphone

Garage door opener technology is ever evolving. We can do things with our garages now that we would have never thought possible when the garage door opener was first invented. Now the question is, what can’t my opener do? WIth the new MyQ technology, brands like Chamberlain have been able to create new garage door openers with smartphone technology. This make it possible to operate from your smart phone. Simply download the app and you can open, close, and control lights in your garage and home!

Add a Bar!

A really common and effective way to make use of your garage space is by building a bar. It is a simple way to turn the space into an entertainment area for the adults. You can buy an already made bar at retailers like Sears and Home Depot, or you can build one yourself from the ground up! If you are handy and decent with tools, this may be the option for you. It is guaranteed to turn your garage door into a brand new space, and impress your friends and neighbors!

Need Help?

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